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Sharon Sanghera, is part of Jeende Corporation and editor-in-chief of Vincit magazine which was started in late 2008, with their first publication hitting the stands in spring of 2009. Sharon has a background in Executive Management in various industries and is a CoFounder of Major Combat Sports/KOSO, which is a TV production company and network on web-enabled Televisions and President of Critical Synthesis Incorporated, a company that focuses on contract negotiations. She is also a CoFounder of Women’s Self Preservation, an organization that focuses on women’s self defense, women's empowerment and wellness. Women's Self Preservation has worked with battered women shelters and have done private seminars to help women get out of unhealthy relationships and environmentsSharon has been training in martial arts for over 13 years and has been using martial arts to help empower men and women of all ages. She is a JKD/Kali practitioner, a weapon based martial artist and prefers to work with bladed or edged weapons. Her passion is in Southeast Asian Martial Arts, highly effective fighting systems ranging from the devastating simplicity to esoteric elegance. Her foundation is Kali which is the bedrock of many modern weapons systems and is one of the art choices for many professional executive protection services, military, US Navy SEAL Teams and Special Forces operative.

As a Wellness Coach, Pilates Instructor and Martial Arts Coach, Sharon, believes in working on internal dialog and its effects on our wellness and flow of energy. Sharon helps in creating plans for daily wellness habits and practices which will help support healthy lasting lifestyle change and stress reduction. Her Street Self Defense and Weapon Based Training (JKD/Kali) programs help one to learn self preservation, defensive strategies, tactics and techniques.

Sharon was asked to help with some of the demonstrations with weapons at the Book Of Five Rings private seminar held by Mushtaq Ali, The Traceless Warrior, where Mushtaq translated and taught the way of Musashi Miyamoto, please visit his site  (The Book Of Five Rings by Musashi Miyamoto is a highly recommended read for Martial Artists)

Sharon was also a guest on Ring Talk Radio on Sports Byline USA, HBO Network, US Armed Forces Network. 

Sharon has written for Bay Area Women's Fitness Examiner

She has been recently training Muay Thai Kickboxing and Boxing under Edge Brown at Gym 445, Guerrilla Jiu Jitsu under Dave Camarillo.                                                                                         

Background in the Fitness / Wellness and Martial Arts Industry

Wellness Coach (WC)- Certified under Spencer Institute 

BoxingGYM 445 

JKD / Kali Black Belt - Self Preservation Acadamy/New Tiger MA

Self Defense Instructor - Certified under Self Preservation Academy/New Tiger MA

Rapid Assault Tactics (R.A.T) US Navy Seals Combative Program -Self Preservation Academy/New Tiger MA

Surgical Strike System Level 1 - Bannon Institute, Dr. Joseph Bannon Ph.D, Former Government Special Agent, U.S. Presidential Bodyguard

Pilates Instructor - Certified under NESTA: National Exercise & Sports Trainers Assoc.

 Kinamutai - Filipino Martial Art - Self Preservation Academy/New Tiger MA

Pencak Silat - Indonedian Martial Art

Qi Gong (Southeast Asian Energy / Healing Art)

 Tai Chi Chuan Patrick Ryan at Lien Ying Tai Chi Chuan Academy 

RMAX International Clubbell Instructor

Guard Card (Security)

♦ Close Quarter Combat Instructor - SIS Protection/ Exec Protection

♦ Handcuffing Instructor - SIS Protection/ Exec Protection

Security Intelligence Specialist

FireArms Permit

Certified Advanced Tactical FireArms

Certified Taser M26-X26 Electronic Control Device

Certified Tear Gas/Pepper Spray Chemical Agents Instructor




♦ Member of Knock Out Dog Fighting - Non profit organization focused on fighting abuse






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"When one embraces the desire to find wholeness within, one learns the importance of tending to relationships, having compassion for humankind and caring for the planet and all that is linked to it. On our path to wholeness we start to attract our desires and find our personal power. Taking a holistic path involves seeking the tools that will help one be more open to the diversity of people and accepting the differences in the world we live in." ~ Sharon Sanghera